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What is Collabwith?

Collabwith is a worldwide platform where businesses and professors can find each other to start working together for the purposes of knowledge transfer. Think of workshops, brainstorming sessions, whitepapers, presentations, strategy checks, testing products, innovation and research projects, and more.

The way to start is simple: Collabwith gives you an online platform to find each other, manage your communication and collaboration together from making the first request to legal contracting, invoicing and feedback.
If you want to know more, read our "How it works" section.

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Find & Match

  • Start by creating your profile where you define your areas of interest and the activities you want to collaborate on.
  • Collabwith matches you with a member that fits your area of expertise and is looking to work with you.
  • Business Professionals, start-ups and professors can also find each other by searching through the Collabwith database.


  • Receive or make a request for an activity with a Collabwith member. You will receive notifications in your personal dashboard.
  • Discuss the details such as content, price and timelines of the activity and come to a final agreement to work together.
  • Finalize the request by agreeing on the agenda and attached signed NDA and service agreement. Start the activity.


  • The activity request is transferred to your personal dashboard where you can keep easy track of all your activities.
  • Create a review and feedback after finishing the activity, have direct access to your favourites and new members in the Collabwith platform.
  • Have a clear overview of all your collaborations with businesses in one place.

"The perfect place where you can match your creativity"

Eulalia Nadal, VP adidas

Why are professors joining Collabwith?

  • Find additional funding for research
  • Become a board member of a start-up
  • Help a business with advice, research or knowledge in workshop
  • Find case studies for teaching activities
  • Recommend the best students for internships
  • Get access to a database of businesses who want to work with academics

Why have businesses joined Collabwith?

  • Get easy access to a global database of professors and start-ups who want to work with business
  • Find the knowledge you are missing in your company
  • Find your presenter for your next business conference
  • Get a professor to validate and review your project
  • Get recommended students by professors
  • Find the start-ups with the innovative solution you are looking for

Why do start-ups join Collabwith?

  • Find your board member or mentor
  • Contact professors to get advice
  • Get visible to companies who want to work with a start-up as a customer
  • Become a case study for a professor
  • Get recommended students from professors
  • Generate your NDA online
  • Get access to a global database of professors and businesses who want to work with start-ups
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